Image via Sports Illustrated


Woah—Ronda Rousey Is STUNNING In The New ‘S.I.’ Swimsuit Issue

blown away

No, it is not hot, hot breaking news that former MMA champ Ronda Rousey is absolutely stunning. In the ring or out of it, she possesses an athletic, feminine beauty that—along with her profound talents—has made her the face of MMA. Other than Conor McGregor, no fighter in the Octagon comes close to matching her fame.

Still, sometimes, there are moments when she just blows us away. Take these just-posted shots from Sports Illustrated’s upcoming Swimsuit Issue above and below. Just look at them. This, friends, proves what we already knew—powerful women can simultaneously disrupt conventional beauty standards while representing them at the same time. As she was in S.I.’s 2015 edition of their ever-popular male-gaze issue, Rousey is breaking stereotypes and being classically beautiful simultaneously. It’s badass.

You know what’s also badass? The fact that she’s not wearing a swimsuit at all. That’s makeup, y’all. Here, check out this Instagram post featuring Rousey from Swimsuit Issue editor MJ Day.

Tricky, tricky. What’s even better is that this fake suit is actually a take-off on a real one by We Are Handsome, which you can buy right over here. Oh, and did you want another pic of Rousey? Because we have one.

Image via Sports Illustrated

Boom. Loving it all. The funny thing about both of these shots is that, as beautiful as they are, they’re technically behind-the-scenes pics and not the finished product (hence the low resolution here). We’ll have to wait until next month for that—we mean, if you’re really curious.

(Sports Illustrated)