make way for the next big nail obsession…

by liza darwin

Even though the shattered polishes have barely been on shelves a year, and the convenience and coolness of patterned nail strips hasn't faded one bit, that doesn't stop us from searching for the next major nail trend.

But luckily, our latest discovery combines the best of both worlds- the awesome, ever-changing concept of "cracked" lacquer as well as the foolproof application of the strips- all topped off with a heavy metal sheen.

Enter the Magnetic Polishes from London's Nails, Inc. This trio of colors is made is a magnetic formula that you can morph into different designs using the magnet embedded in the cap of the polish. We tried the shimmery silver hue ourselves, and while we had some trouble creating actual patterns (nails are pretty small canvases after all,) we still loved the holographic-looking result.

They're easy, fun, and new in at Sephora. So buy them now before the rest of the beauty world gets hooked-literally.