Image Via Comedy Central


Watch: Ryan Adams Performs His Taylor Swift Covers On “The Daily Show”

“bad blood,” “style,” and “blank space” for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve done a very, very bad job of hiding our enthusiasm for Ryan Adams’ totally non-ironic, full-album cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Looking at the charts, seems a lot of you out there are in the exact same boat.

That being the case, let’s all take a few moments out of our busy Fridays to enjoy Adams’ appearance last night on Trevor Noah’s shiny, new Daily Show. The first musical guest on the relaunched Comedy Central flagship, Adams soared through “Bad Blood,” “Style,” and the lovely “Blank Space” while gabbing with Noah about the creation of the year’s best non-gimmick gimmick album. Your bosses won’t mind if you blow off the next 15 minutes if you forward this to them.

(via Pitchfork)