sade t-shirt by blackwater

This…is…no…ordinary shirt…no ordinary shir-r-r-r-t…

by Josh Madden

There's a secret society of Sade fans, a cult following that scours eBay for that Lover's Rock 2001 tour hat (you know the one...). Well, we have to admit that we fall into that contingency of Sade fans. So when we saw a friend wearing the T-shirt shown above we bugged out. An hour scouring the internet landed us on, a self-decribed "high-end lifestyle blog" that features everything from Big Sean tour videos to movie trailers and a store with some of their rad branded merchandise. We found and promptly ordered our Sade tee and you can do the same HERE. However, we're still searching for that 2001 tour hat...hit us up if you see one.