Get Your Cosplay Ready: ‘Sailor Moon R: The Movie’ Is Coming To Theaters

Moon prism power!

by Lisa Eppich

Just when you thought we were all done revamping, rebooting, and replaying all the things you loved to watch in your younger years, we got wind of some major Sailor Moon news. For the first time ever, Sailor Moon R The Movie: The Promise of the Rose will play in U.S. theaters in January 2017. Time to dust off that old Sailor Senshi outfit, it's time to get your cosplay on.

The news was officially announced by the Sailor_Moon_NA Twitter, though no word yet on ticket sales, locations, or times. Although this isn't the first time Sailor Moon R has been released in English, this will be a new dub by Viz Media using the same cast as the company's recent English releases as well as the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal. According to the Twitter account, they intend to have both the dub and an English-subtitled version of the original Japanese film available in theaters, so fans who prefer the original voices won't get left out. 

Sailor Moon R is actually the first of three movies tied with the original anime series, though it's unclear whether the other two films will be dubbed and released as well. So, what's this movie about? Tuxedo Mask gets captured by a mysterious alien named Fiore, while the people of Tokyo have their life energy drained out by a strange flower monster. There's also an asteroid that's heading for Earth because "go big or go home" is one of the defining principles of anime. Will our planet and our handsome hero be saved in the name of love and justice? Well, probably, but you know you want to see it anyway.

Check out the brief trailer below and follow Sailor_Moon_NA for more updates.

(Via Oh No They Didn't)