Saint Vivian Wrath Creates Jackets For The Sacred Seductress In Us All

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    by · March 17, 2017

    Saint Vivian Wrath, Madonna Conflict Jacket, $980, available at NYLONshop; Lavish Alice, Asymmetric Shirt Dress in Varsity Satin, $65, available at NYLONshop, Saint Vivian Wrath, Sacred Seductress Jacket, $980, available at NYLONshop; Echo Clubhouse, Uptown Mock Neck Top, $14, available on NYLONshop; Teleport, Bolt Boot in Sky, $129, available on NYLONshop.

    Photo by Eric White

    I’ve had dreams where the latest statement jacket or graphic tee floats to my bedside and hovers above me, just out of my grasp. This is frustrating! Luckily, during a more lucid moment recently, I actually encountered the exact coat of which my subconscious fashion desires are made. Magic!

    Karina Seadarovich, the designer behind NYC streetwear brand Saint Vivian Wrath, is the one who made my dreams a reality, by creating apparel that sits at the crossroads of wearable art and high fashion. The collection is a mix of hand-painted denim, super-soft crew-necks, T-shirts, and bucket hats. From her SoHo studio, she paints a “Madonna Conflict,” a “Saintly Siren,” or a “Sacred Seductress” goddess-like figure onto each piece. She hand-punches button holes, slices each yard of denim, and sews on leather patches. The final step is cutting an exceptional collar to complete the piece.

    Who is the embodiment of Saint Vivian Wrath? “Saint Vivian Wrath is a unisex brand for the individual who is—first and foremost—unafraid, confident, and unapologetically, inherently true to themselves, their ideas and beliefs,” says Seadarovich. The pieces are unique and unwavering. As I put on a jacket for myself, I took it all in; flipping my hair to dance like the “Sacred Seductress” featured on the back.

    The reason behind the biblical terminology? Seadarovich explains:

    The complex is based on the idea that men view women as either Madonnas or as whores. The Madonnas are the women that men marry and create families with—although they are not completely sexually attracted to them—and the whores are the women that men are sexually attracted to, but, in their minds, can never marry or have children with. This idea is one of the reasons the sex industry exists—why we have strip clubs, pornography, prostitution—it’s as an escape for the men from the Madonnas in their daily lives. My viewpoint, on the other hand, is that all women are both Madonnas and whores—and that it’s completely natural and okay to be both, without judgment or persecution.

    Seadorovich also tells me she’s moved by self-identity, individuality, spirit, and harmonious coexistence in today’s society. As are we.

    Shop the latest pieces from Saint Vivian Wrath, now available at NYLONshop, here.

    Photographer: Eric WhiteStylist: Amber BekMakeup and Hair: Lisa ThaiModels: Lauren at Surface, Autry at MVMT

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