Jimmy Kimmel Gives People Fake Kimye Baby Names, And They Buy Them All

“Fievel Goes West?” Sure, Why Not

Okay, even though one sharp Twitter user totally predicted Saint West, we can all admit that the name of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s new child came out of left field—which is exactly where we all thought it would come from. We were ready to be surprised, ready to be confounded, ready for scratching our heads.

Proof that we were ready comes in the form of this video from Jimmy Kimmel Live. In it, producers head out to the streets with fake names for the new Kimye offspring in hand, and rope in some poor, unsuspecting members of the public for commentary. How do they feel about “Kia Sorrento West?” Totally into it. “Fievel Goes West?” Sounds about right. “Kurig Kardashian West?” Really, why not? 

Now, ask yourself, were these people being ignorant or gullible when they nod their heads and accept these fake names as real, or were they just, as we said above, ready for anything? We vote the latter.