charlotte ronson’s new scent takes a trip to the beach.

by faran krentcil

When Charlotte Ronson paired with Sephora to launch her makeup line in 2010, she probably didn't expect her breakout product to be a hair spray - this is, after all, a woman whose brand (and whose own urban bohemian look) is based on a bedhead-is-beautiful sensibility. But maybe that's why the "Perfect Mess" Beach Spray developed by Ronson and her team was kind of a genius idea. Part texturizing balm and part hairspray, the spritz helps fans emulate the unraveled glamour of on-the-go starlets like Blake Lively and Zoe Kravitz. See Charlotte's latest runway show on NYLON TV. As the product got more popular, so did its fragrance, a unique sweet-and-salty mix of lavender, honeysuckle, and brine. And soon, even when Ronson acolytes didn't need messy hair, they still sprayed the elixir because it became their signature smell. Ronson noticed the trend among her friends and came up with a simple solution: scented oil that keeps the beachy smell, but makes it much easier for skin application. Watch Chanson de Ronson, a New Wave spoof starring Samantha, Mark, Charlotte, and Annabelle. The fragrance debuts this week at Sephora and sells for $20. Charlotte says it smells like her summers in the Hamptons, but at this point, we think it smells like all the girls having party-recovery brunch at The Smile on Saturdays...

Charlotte Ronson Fragrance Oil, $20 at Sephora now.