Sam Bruno “Search Party” Kazy Lambist Remix Video

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The dog days of summer are fading, so let’s hold on to whatever vestige of ‘em we still can. Sam Bruno’s new video for Kazy Lambist’s remix of “Search Party” is a fine place to begin. It’s soaked in West Coast cool.

Spliced clips of splashing waves, tilt-shifted boulevard scenes, flashy sunglasses, bright-blue skies, and trips down palm tree-lined roads take Bruno’s wanderlust anthem from the Paper Towns soundtrack and amp it up to a shiny 10. Kazy Lambist is one of a few, select remixers who put a cool spin on the single. The package of tracks will be released tomorrow, October 2, on iTunes. Bruno created a video for each, too. It’s the perfect kiss off to an exceptional season. You’ll find us getting lost in this all day.