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Samantha Bee’s “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner” Shows No Mercy For Trump

“Presidential Fyre Festival”

by jenny lee

2017 has been a strange, and quite frankly, very frightening year in politics. We've come up on Trump's first 100 days as president, and a lot of our concerns about his inadequacy have been only been confirmed and augmented with each new day and each new tweet.

Luckily, in these dark times, we have comedians to get us through and make light of the situation—like Samantha Bee, who decided to screw the White House Correspondent's Dinner (which Trump didn't even attend) and host a glitzy event of her own, aptly titled "Not the White House Correspondents Dinner." Having been recorded earlier on Saturday afternoon, the event was then televised during the actual White House Correspondents Dinner to rival the event and mock everyone involved, including the president and his cabinet. Prior to the event, Bee said that her intention behind the show was to "toast the free press—while we still have one."

The event featured prominent celebrities and comedians like Will Ferrell (doing an impression of George W. Bush, of course), George Takei, and Allison Janney, amongst others. There were jokes made at the expense of not only President Trump, but also Fox News personalities like Roger Ailes, and Bill O'Reilly. In addition, there were timely skits and monologues, like a spoof of Amazon series/Philip K. Dick novel The Man in the High Castle where Bee imagined an alternate universe in which Hillary Clinton was elected president (which may be her best skit of the night).

Overall, the alternative White House event proved to be incisive and wonderfully hilarious, only confirming for us that Sam Bee shows no indication of stopping when it comes to using comedy as a fight against corruption.

Watch below for some of the highlights of the night: