Sandro Homme “Lets Them Paint” in New Pop-Up Store

by Taj Reed

"We are really inspired by art. And I collect contemporary art. So I wanted to have an ad-campaign that could convey the message of an artist."more Sandro Homme creative director, Ilan Chetrite credits his appreciation for the lifestyle of artists' as inspiration behind the latest F/W collection. That passion comes full circle in the brand's first stand-alone menswear retailer located on 145 Spring Street in New York.

The Workshop (touché) will serve as a dual retail space and evolving studio to select, emerging artists. During the beginning of each month, through December, the artists will have one week to claim the pop-up space as their own. The resulting works will live until the succeeding artist serves his/her residency.

Brooklyn based painter, An Hoang is this month's artist-in-residency. Her work pulls from personal experiences of nature and urban environment. An's whimsical approach is inviting but seamlessly eludes any sense of permanence; appropriate given where her paintings will consider home for the month.

Check out images of the innovative space and stop by 145 Spring St. to shop Sandro Homme's fall line of menswear.

Words: Taj ReedImages: Andre Perry