Sandy Liang Tells Us What Emojis Best Describe Her New Collection

You’d never guess

by Hafeezah Nazim

When designer Sandy Liang was little, her mother would never let her buy nice clothes. "I was always jealous of the girls in class that had the nicest and coolest Gap jeans and Skechers," she told NYLON senior staff writer Hayden Manders. "My mom was all about frugality and being like, 'You don't need that. You're a kid, you're going to grow out of it.' That made clothes, not even fashion, really, but clothes into this sort of unattainable, magical thing. I just cherish every clothing item I own, and that was really the source of the beginning of it all."

We caught up with the designer during this season's New York Fashion Week, as she revealed what designing means to her and the emojis that best describe her latest collection.

"I like fruits," she revealed. "Fruits are good, and good for you."

Feast your eyes on Liang's new collection, above. 


Produced by Cortney Wilson

Edited by: Tina Vaden