Santigold’s New Album Is Finally (Almost) Here

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We're almost one week away from the official release of Santigold's forthcoming 99¢ album, but the singer-songwriter has cut us a special deal by hooking us up with an early listen courtesy of NPR. As we have stated before, the album is supposed to explore the "commercial nature" of people and how they package themselves for consumption. When Santigold revealed the cover art, she explained that her concept was about how "everything is a product" that's ultimately undervalued.

“We have no illusion that we don’t live in this world where everything is packaged," Santigold said in a press release. "People’s lives, persona, everything, is deliberate, and mediated. It can be dark and haunting and tricky, and freak us out, but it can be also be silly and fun and we can learn to play with it.” 

Stream the album in its entirety at NPR!