Santigold’s New Video For ‘Can’t Get Enough of Myself’ Features Jay Z, Olivia Wilde, Jay Z, Andy Samberg, and Pharrell

The official, linear version of “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”

When Santigold initially released a music video for "Can't Get Enough Of Myself," users were able to insert their faces into the narrative through the use of webcams. Yesterday, the singer-songwriter introduced us to an alternative version of the interactive visual. Referred to as an "official linear music video," the footage features a few of Santigold's famous friends. Jay Z, Olivia Wilde, Pharrell, and Andy Samberg, all make cameos on billboards, Jumbotrons, and photo booths. 

We know that we had our chance to be a part of the whole experience, but not like this. Next time, we hope that Santigold will give us a call and invite us into her world for real. Watch the entire music video, above, and listen to more on the 99¢ album out now.