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sarah michelle gellar’s daughter is basically the next buffy

she’s already slaying.

by Allie Fasanella

Buffy slayed from '97 to '03 and we loved every ass-kicking moment of it, but there may be a new slayer in town. Sarah Michelle Gellar's daughter, Charlotte, or "Charli" as her father Freddie Prince calls her, is deep into Brazilian jiu-jitsu as the moment. Yup, we're intimidated, too. It's totally normal to feel threatened by a five-year-old, right?

The cutie has been casually training with WBC champ Wayne McCulloug. We'd expect nothing less from the daughter of the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer—one of the first shows on television to showcase a kickass woman with power. But let's not forget Scooby-Doo, either, guys (the couple starred together in '02). We're stoked to see this little babe slaying like she should. Check out the Tweets below to see Charli in action!

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