Video Premiere: Say Say ‘Like An Animal’

la-based synth-pop

by jenny lee

LA-based band Say Say is made up of only two members, though you would never guess it. Adam Reiter (vocals and guitar) and Jesse Gurtis (keyboard) create a sound so full and energetic, it could easily be that of a larger band. After having released their new EP Prelude of a Dream back in June, Say Say has now unveiled the video for their song, "Like An Animal."

While the music scene is flooded with songs that are seemingly muddled with synth, Say Say carefully balances it with the elements of the traditional band. The electronic aspect of the band's sound pairs excitingly with the guitar and Reiter's charged vocals, refreshing the same, tired electro-pop equation.

"We started talking about forming a project using the idea of a DJ, and synth/keys mixed with a singer/songwriter," Reiter said of the band's beginnings. "It wasn't until I wrote "Like An Animal" that the first breath of air was inhaled into the lungs of Say Say and the music began to take shape. It was the first song that we wrote as Say Say and it's only fitting that it's also the first music video that we did."

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