Scarlett Johansson Most Fascinating People 2014

but is it really what she wanted to focus on?

It's been a big year for Scarlett Johansson, and not just because of her roles in Captain America: The Winter Solider and the sci-fi flick Lucy. The actress also gave birth to a baby girl in September—and secretly tied the knot with fiancé Romain Dauriac shortly after their daughter Rose was born.

So we weren’t shocked to see that Johansson was featured as Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating People of 2014, alongside Taylor Swift and Chelsea Handler. Given that she generally keeps her private life under wraps, we were happily surprised to see how open Johansson was during her interview, answering questions about her new family, her experiences filming sex scenes, what it was like being a child actor, and her body image. That last topic, though, is when things got a little weird. 

Walters shifted the conversation towards Johansson’s Old-Hollywood physique, asking her what she thought of her body— to which Johansson replied: “It’s an okay body, I guess. It functions. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly remarkable, though.”

What’s off-putting is that Walters continued pushing the subject, asking Johansson to point out specific parts of herself that she doesn’t like. Considering her accomplishments this past year, we’re not sure why Walters chose to focus on Johansson’s body. Unfortunately, the scrutiny of Johansson’s appearance is another example of how women in Hollywood are treated unfairly. Considering all of the awesome girl-power moments that happened throughout 2014, this objectification needs to come to an end.

(via Refinery 29