Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

what is john travolta doing to scarlett johansson?

i’m sorry, what?

The real joy of watching the Oscars is clocking those absurd, inexplicable moments that can only happen when a bunch of famous people and even more cameras converge. Last year, John Travolta was responsible for the weirdest, wildest, wtf-iest moment that remains a classic to this day. This year, he didn't bother waiting for the actual ceremony to go viral. On the red carpet, Travolta, who refuses to embrace his beautiful bald head, planted a strange, creepy, and strangely creepy and bizarrely paternal kiss on his A Love Song For Bobby Long costar Scarlett Johansson, while she looked less than impressed. It's as if the Travolta bird just swooped down and attacked her cheek. We feel for you, ScarJo. We feel.