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    by · October 16, 2015

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    All right, lovelies—we’ve already offered you the best movies streaming on Netflix, as well as the 15 scariest films of the last 15 years. Well, we’re bingeing, so here’s another countdown of couch-worthy flicks.

    This time, it’s the scariest films now streaming on Netflix. Note: Only a few of the instant goodies we found most terrifying are horror movies. To us, all those possessed dolls, zombies, and found-footage creep shows don’t pack much dread compared to these actually terrifying thrillers, art-house experiments, and documentaries. Like, honestly, what’s scarier than reality?

    Good for the Halloween season or just getting your fright on whenever the mood strikes you, here are the best films to Netflix in the dark—complete with handy links for adding to your watch list. Oh, and please add your picks in the comments, below.

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    Enter The Void (2009)
    As with many of the films on this list, Gaspar Noé’s hypnotic, drug-filled trip into the afterlife doesn’t pack (many) shocks, but it’s innovative and aggressive, and leaves you in a constant state of dread and fear—one that will last hours, possibly days, after it ends. It’s a wild ride.

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    The Babadook (2014)
    This is a fairly simple, straightforwardly haunting film. However, unlike so much of what’s available in Netflix’s extensive library of horror flicks, this one will actually scare the bejesus out of you. Also unlike much of Netflix’s horror offerings, it’s actually a good film, garnering 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

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    The Act of Killing: Director’s Cut (2012)
    This Oscar-nominated exploration of Indonesia’s bloody era of extrajudicial killings in the mid-1960s is like no other documentary ever. Slowly, the surviving mass-murderers interviewed take over the film, starring in and directing stylized reenactments of their crimes. It’s perhaps one of the most chilling things we’ve ever seen (it took us two tries to finish).

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    Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer (1986)
    Equally as unnerving is this mid-’80s slasher flick that, with its hand-held, documentary-style, grainy realism and incredible lead performance by Michael Rooker, makes all other serial-killer films seem comical, childish, and cartoony. Warning: You may never want to see another serial-killer film again after this.

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    The Nightmare (2015)
    There’s no blood. No one dies. No one is in danger. Yet, this shoestring-budget documentary about sleep paralysis and the terrifying dreams that come with it will scare you far more than almost any slasher film. Getting a good night’s sleep might be a problem, though.

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    Pi (1998)
    Much like Enter the Void, director Darren Aronofsky’s no-budget, experimental first film isn’t out to shock you—just drown you in a pervasive sense of black, black dread. The chronicle of one man’s journey into madness (or enlightenment), it’s cut from the same cloth as Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, but far more grounded and realistic.

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    Blue Ruin (2013)
    Crowd-funded, simple, and brutal, this revenge flick terrified us by presenting a fully grounded, totally plausible scenario acted out in a totally real environment with naked, honest performances by a cast of unknowns. You get the sense you’re watching real violence as it unfolds.

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    The Machinist (2004)
    You’ve probably heard about all the weight Christian Bale lost to play the paranoid protagonist of this equally paranoid film. But have you seen why he did it? Again, the jolts here are few, but watching the whole thing play out is to spend 100 minutes in aching suspense.

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    Let The Right One In (2008)
    Forget the American remake. The original, Swedish version of this kids-in-love/vampire-cult favorite is the one that gave us chills. Again, it treads ground that many horror movies have before—but it does it so well that the five or six moments of terror in the film have lasting impact. It’s got 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, BTW.

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    The Sacrament (2013)
    We are so over found-footage films. Really, with the exception of The Blair Witch Project, they’re all pretty bad (and you can only watch Blair Witch once). This trip into the world of Christian religious cults by The House of The Devil director, Ti West, however, straight up killed us. It’s our new exception to the rule.

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