revlon’s fragrant polishes return!

by ali hoffman

When Revlon first introduced their revolutionary collection of Scented Nail Enamel in 2009, we actually gasped. We imagined the fruit-themed lacquers to be the answer to our biggest (and only) issue with polish—the stench. 

But by the time we made it to our local drugstore, they had sold out of the entire limited-edition range! And, once again, we gasped… only this time it wasn't the cheery kind.

Thanks to good karma/ Revlon's marketing team, the scented polishes are making a comeback just in time for spring.  The line consists of seven tropical shades; each vibrant polish corresponds with its own scent.  Our favorite picks: Not-So Blueberry (a metallic bluish lavender) and Bubble Gum (hot pink, duh).

So if you didn't get around to scoring any perfumy polish back in ‘09, now's the time!

Available at your local drugstore (about $5 per polish)