15 Pieces Of Sci-Fi Inspired Jewelry For Every UFO Enthusiast

For those of us who want to believe

Calling all UFO enthusiasts: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about the major announcement that NASA made last week—a discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star, boasting the possibility of liquid water and, therefore, life. We’re all feeling pumped about the fact that we may not be alone out here. This discovery is huge, especially for the sci-fi lovers amongst us (or, anybody wishing to escape this cruel, cruel world right now).

This is only the beginning of what is yet to come. From the possibility of life somewhere other than Earth to us, Earthlings, being able to travel and settle somewhere new, we’re almost certain that the next few decades will be filled with loads of exciting advancements. It’s as if our favorite sci-fi movies are coming true!

While we patiently wait for more discoveries to be made, why not celebrate the possibility of the extraterrestrial? We rounded up our favorite sci-fi inspired jewelry, so you can totally live out your outer space fantasy. Check out our favorite pieces of the moment, below

Photo courtesy of Little Rooms

Little Rooms, UFO Hoops, $165, available at Little Rooms.

Photo courtesy of Verameat

Verameat, Vmoji Alien Ring, $30, available at Verameat.

Photo courtesy of Karen Konzuk

Karen Konzuk, Europa, $190, available at Karen Konzuk.

Photo courtesy of Vojd

Vojd, Small Precious Precious Pendant, $318, available at Vojd.

Photo courtesy of Metalepsis

Metalepsis Projects, Yuyu Cuff, $352, available at Metalepsis Projects.

Photo courtesy of & Other Stories

& Other Stories, Geometric Shapes Ring, $19, available at & Other Stories.

Photo courtesy of Uribe

Uribe, Willow, $218, available at Uribe.

Photo courtesy of Finery

Finery, Cantire D Ring And Circle Earrings, $39, available at Finery.

Photo courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Pamela Love, Satellite Earring, $450, available at Need Supply Co.

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Justine Clenquet, Lea Earrings, $90, available at Opening Ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Luisa Via Roma

Maria Black Jewelry, Hydra Maxi Mono Earring, $226, available at Luisa Via Roma.

Marni, Oversized Geometric Necklace, $720, available at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah & Sebastian, Stone Oval Ring, $230, available at Sarah & Sebastian.

Photo courtesy of Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy, Penny Bracelet, $345, available at Pierre Hardy

Photo courtesy of Drift Riot

Drift Riot, Circle Line Earrings, $80, available at Drift Riot.