The 15 Coolest Pieces Of Jewelry For The Sci-Fi Enthusiast

Live long and prosper futuristic jewelry

Science fiction has always been a great source of inspiration for what we think the future will look like. No matter how far-fetched or realistic the storylines may be, the wardrobe is always a fun way to imagine what the world may look like stylistically in 20, or 2,000, years from now. Minimalism and clean lines tend to rule in many of the greatest sci-fi films and shows of all time (think: Star Trek and The Fifth Element).

While most of us wouldn’t choose to wear a full-on costume in our daily lives (although some of the truest sci-fi fanatics do and more power to them), we can still channel those futuristic vibes in a more subtle way: jewelry.

Whether influenced by outer space, science, or the great unknown, we rounded up some of the coolest sci-fi inspired jewelry, from alien earrings to all sorts of scientific baubles. Bring out your inner UFO with these 15 totally awesome pieces, and let your imagination run free into the future.

Click through the gallery to check out our out-of-this-world picks. May the force be with you in picking just one.

Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

Marni, Gold-Plated Horn Brooch, $280, available at Net-A-Porter.

Photo courtesy of Ben Amun.

Ben-Amun, Sculptural Geometric Necklace with Pearls $445, available at Ben-Amun.

Photo courtesy of Dream Collective.

Dream Collective, Saturn Studs, $250, available at Dream Collective.    

Photo courtesy of Faris.

Faris, Disc Hoops Medium, $95, available at Faris.

Photo courtesy of Lairuicci.

Laruicci, Neptune Claw Ring, $53, available at Laruicci.

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic.

Laura Lombardi, Ceres Necklace, $54, available at Local Eclectic.

Photo courtesy of Metalepsis.

Metalepsis, Calder Collar, $330, available at Metalepsis.

Photo courtesy of nOir.

nOir, Claire Spinning Ring, $50, available at nOir.   

Photo courtesy of NYLONShop.

IMYOURPRESENT, Rad Planet Choker, $12, available at NYLONshop.

Photo courtesy of NYLONShop.

Vinca USA, Alien Face Earrings, $16, available at NYLONshop.

Photo courtesy of Shahla Karimi.

Shahla Karimi, Customizable Spiral Ring, $165, available at Shahla Karimi

Photo courtesy of Love & Madness.

Love and Madness, Millennium Falcon Silver Ring, $20, available at Love and Madness.

Photo courtesy of Luisa Via Roma.

Sylvio Giardina, S-K-I-N Kit Bracelet, $246, available at Luisa Via Roma.

Photo courtesy of Uribe.

Uribe, Linnet Ring, $280, available at Uribe.

Photo courtesy of Vojd Studios.

Vojd Studios, Round Earrings, $150, available at Vojd Studios.