first look: scosha

high-end hippie jewelry to adorn the jessas and jemimas in your life.

by rebecca willa davis

Yes, Jemima Kirke is covered in pigment. No, this is not a sneak peek from season three of Girls. Rather, it's her modeling the fall '13 collection for Scosha.

The jewelry line from Australian-born painter-sculptor Scosha Woolridge is all about the merging of East and West imagery, with rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones dotting the yellow, white, and rose gold pieces. Think of it as the perfect adornment for the high-end hippie--basically, Jessa in a nutshell.

Whether we'll see her wearing one of the 35 pieces that make up the line in the upcoming season of the HBO show remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: She even finds a way to make a mess of things when the cameras aren't rolling.

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