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    careful, you could poke someone’s eye out with those!

    by · June 13, 2012
    The kitty claw nail shape has had more than 9 lives thanks to the 10 digits of Rihanna, Dita, Gaga and Catwoman. We’ve daydreamed of all the back scratching possibilities, but ultimately deemed the look too dramatic for a daily commitment. Which is exactly why the new press-on manicure from Ruffian & MAC is, well, the cats meow. >> Check out another one of MAC’s latest & greatest
    You get 24 nails for your 10 fingers (so you can get a near-perfect fit) and have a special occasion designer mani for $24. The sets come in a nude, black, gold or a vampy red reverse-french with black tips that look like Dita from the front and Adele’s infamous “Louboutin” Grammy mani from the back. And there are matching lipsticks, too! The nails definitely aren’t meant for long-wear; the pre-glued adhesive just doesn’t stick (we popped a nail while typing this) and definitely fails the back-scratch test. However, with a little bit of actual nail glue (you know, the “super” kind), we could keep these in our nail collection for when we’re feeling frisky. The verdict? Get ’em. They’re out on June 18th and way too fun not to try!
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