mani monday: scratch post

nail art that’s literally art—and delivered straight to your door.

by rebecca willa davis

You can get subscription boxes for just about anything, from beer to undies. In the makeup world, that means the latest products delivered directly to your door. But we can't think of a service that melds beauty with art quite like Scratch.

The company started when L.A. web designer and developer Chelsea Kent became obsessed with nail wraps but hated their designs. "They were really tacky and nothing I'd actually wear," she recalls of the easy alternative to nail polish. So she found the best manufacturer--"it looks like you painted your nails"--and rounded up her favorite artists, working on a new series of collaborative designs that come out every month.

You can purchase the wraps individually on the site (each month a different artist comes up with three options), but starting this week you can sign up to receive a box with wraps, tools, and accents, so that you can DIY nail designs created by that month's featured artist. Each box has enough wraps for four different manicures, along with a special surprise selected by that edition's collaborator ("Either something that they love or feels representative of them," is how Kent puts it), and a note that includes a link to how-to videos and photos.

With everyone from Natalie Nichole of Nail Swag to Britney Tokyo on board, the results should be pretty awesome. And that's the whole point; according to Kent, Scratch "isn't really about nail wraps, or even meant to be a nail wrap company; it's about collaboration, about artists. Nail wraps just happen to be the medium that we're using right now."

$25 the first month; $30 thereafter. Sign up for Scratch's monthly subscription box here!