Watch the Trailer ‘Scream’ the TV Show

here we go again

Last night, MTV used their Movie Awards as an opportunity to premiere the trailer for their latest TV gamble, an adapation of the generation-defining horror franchise, Scream. The trailer starts out with Bella Thorne in the Drew Barrymore role—a pretty girl home alone who gets an ominous iPhone message, setting in motion the show's events. When one of the characters warns, "You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series," we're immediately reminded of the original franchise's trademark self-awareness. 

One thing that's noticeably absent from the trailer is Scream's iconc Ghostface mask. Will Sidney Prescott and the Woodsboro murders play a role in this series, or are the characters inhabiting a bloody new universe? Find out when Scream the TV series premiers on June 30.