Watch T.J. Miller And Adam Pally Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other In This Exclusive Clip For Search Party

In theaters and VOD on May 13

Last night, T.J. Miller returned as everyone's favorite tech bro, Erlich Bachman, on season three of HBO's Silicon Valley. He and costar Thomas Middleditch must really like working together, because the two comedians teamed up again for the hard-R comedy Search Party, which hits theaters and VOD on May 13.

Basically The Hangover in the Mexican desert, Search Party stars Miller and Adam Pally as two friends who are convinced their other friend Nardo (Middleditch) is making a huge mistake by marrying his girlfriend. Through circumstances we won't reveal here, Nardo gets stranded—naked and penniless—in the desert, and it's up to Miller and Pally to rescue him. Naturally, things go south pretty quick (pun intended). In this exclusive clip, tensions rise between Miller and Pally, and they eventually let it out in the form of an epic brawl in a Mexican police station as Middleditch looks on behind bars. This is defintiely not the T.J. Miller we know