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Watch Closely, This Woman’s Hair Contains An Amazing Rainbow Secret

and aren’t rainbow secrets the best kind of secrets?

Oh, what’s that? You say rainbow hair is, like, over for you? You say you’re done with all that mutli-spectrum color layering? No, you’re not. Just look at the video below.

"Her Hair is on Futuristic FleekMode M.M.M. Posted by Mixed Martial Media on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wow. Now play it again. Still wow, right?

There’s no definitive word on exactly where this beautiful piece of digital ephemera comes from (it’s been making the rounds for a bit), but it’s an inspiring jawbreaker. Not only is it colorful and a stunning party trick, it’s fairly subversive. Really, who knows which apparently undyed person out there is secretly rocking this? There could be thousands of them. One could be sitting right next to you right now. Makes you think, doesn't it?

A helpful note: It’s easy to imagine that dying just the right strands to get such an effect would have been rather time-consuming and technically demanding. That is to say, it isn’t for first-timers, so turn to a pro colorist (or a supremely talented DIY expert friend) if you want to achieve this mesmerizing look yourself. That said, please do it and post your GIFs to us. Please?

(via Teen Vogue)