secret stash

it’s the fashion equivalent of a Russian nesting doll.

by faran krentcil

If you've checked out our new music issue, you'll see Florence Welch is wearing some of Topshop's collaboration with the British design duo Meadham Kirchhoff. That's not a huge shock, considering the new partnership features a zany mix of space-age materials and bohemian shapes and colors, which is pretty much what Ms. Welch would wear anyway.

Now you can get in on the action, even if the clothes are too bold (or too expensive) for your closet.  Topshop's launched a new "Secret Store," which features Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop jewelry, along with crowns by the British milliner Nazir Mashar, underwear by UK favorite Emma Cook, and exclusive pieces from the Boutique collection.

Our favorite thing so far is the Meadhham Kirchoff rings ($80), which come boxed in a cute heart container and look cool with just about everything... although we might also like them because the girl in the photo had her hair done by Bleach London.  (Which, we hear, is finally coming to Topshop's NYC venue this summer!)

Check out Topshop's Secret Store contest online...