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is there a point to “nude” lip gloss?

by faran krentcil

The "bare face" movement is taking over pop culture, with photos of models, celebrities, and even plastic reality stars appearing without makeup or airbrushing.

So maybe it's no surprise that Smashbox's latest kit, called "Naked Beauty," claims to add just the slightest touch of sheen, color, and "natural" enhancement.

There's the age-old argument that if you're going for the "no makeup" look, it means you shouldn't wear any. But for those who clutch to their compacts like Linus and his blankie, there are some benefits, too:

This lip gloss is subtle enough for day wear, it doesn't need constant reapplication, and if you're really obsessed with the shimmery colors, you can take a Q-tip and use them as glazed eyeshadow instead of a gloss.

Of course, then you'd be admitting that you wear makeup... but we never really understood the problem with that, anyway.

$25 for eight at Sephora