5 style trends for the grownup tumblr kid

because the unexpected is always the best

by nylon

These days, people are rarely just preppy, goth, or punk. Instead, personal taste has become a mashup of styles that makes for captivating street-style watching and interesting conversations about which sartorial umbrella you fall under. The list of possible combinations has multiplied in the Tumblr age with trends like sea punk, health goth, and witch house dominating the subcultures of the Web.

Of course, there are infinite ways to combine trends and make them your own, from your clothes right down to your fingertips. Just take a look at the five style fusions in the gallery here. And then amp up your nail game with the new Infinite Ombré collection from Sephora and Formula X, which lets you create any ombré effect at home with five mix-and-match polishes. 

photos via sephora; david sims for v; the carry; steven klein for w magazine; doc martens; the parallel road; stylist; bond hardware; met; acne

Grown-Up Grunge Whoever said grunge died years ago needs to wake up. Grunge can be office appropriate. Grunge can be glamorous. Hell, it's even wound up in a museum. All you need is some plaid, black leather, and a ride-or-die attitude.

photos via sephora; tory burch; karavan clothing; inspire bohemia; anthropologie; whowhatwear; free people; the queen josephine; shopvale

Boho BusinessEthereal, free, and a power player, the Boho Business woman talks the talk all while walking the walk comfortably. Her power derives from her sophisticated casualness. Trousers are loose, scarves flow freely, and gold jewelry abounds for an arm and ring party for days.

photos via sephora; solestruck; nike; glamzelle; aric yeakey; @lisamalanij; zsazsabellagio; tinzeenailsalon; @ulaha; leila brillson; frends; etsy

Neon JetsetterJetsetting is all about style, comfort, and, up until recently, European ease. The Internet has spawned a Day-Glo obsession, though, and suddenly those burgundy trousers and structured blouses have gone full highlighter. Neon Jetsetters are confident in themselves and do not sacrifice comfort for looks — in fact, they prefer style over anything. They are the peacocks of the fashion world: stunningly gorgeous and boldly sure of themselves.

photos via fred perry; chanel; sephora; bond hardware; i don't like mondays; wonderland; @bowsandsequins; craig mcdean for vogue; annie leibovitz for vogue; elle france

Prep PunkImagine if Bret Easton Ellis wrote a book about punks at a liberal school, and you have the Prep Punk: classy with just the right amount of edge to keep people on their toes and potentially lead a revolution. Think: fitted plaid button-downs, ripped sweaters, messy hair, wide hats, and a strong nail.

photos via sephora; the ivory lane; theyallhateus; tocix vision; she likes; missguided; @proluca; interscope; metro-goldwyn-mayer; nasa; dior; modavive

Cosmic OutfitterYou are bold, bright, creative, and alternative. Anything metallic catches your eye like a magpie to light. But you're not about the out-there silhouettes. You tend to keep it classic when it comes to shapes, and instead, opt for interesting materials.