5 style trends for the grownup tumblr kid

    because the unexpected is always the best

    by · June 17, 2015

    These days, people are rarely just preppy, goth, or punk. Instead, personal taste has become a mashup of styles that makes for captivating street-style watching and interesting conversations about which sartorial umbrella you fall under. The list of possible combinations has multiplied in the Tumblr age with trends like sea punk, health goth, and witch house dominating the subcultures of the Web.

    Of course, there are infinite ways to combine trends and make them your own, from your clothes right down to your fingertips. Just take a look at the five style fusions in the gallery here. And then amp up your nail game with the new Infinite Ombré collection from Sephora and Formula X, which lets you create any ombré effect at home with five mix-and-match polishes.

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