The Most Radiant Sapphire Jewelry For September Birthdays

    For all the Virgos and Libras born this month

    by · September 01, 2016

    Background photo via Sapphire Dream Photography on Flickr

    Last month, the muted pale green peridot was the stone of choice for anyone celebrating their birthdays. Now that September is finally here, it’s time to acknowledge the new stone in town. This time, it’s a bolder jewel getting ready to step up—make way for the deep, vibrant blue of the sapphire.

    Ancient Persian rulers once accredited the color of the sky to this precious stone’s reflection. A symbol of purity and wisdom, the sapphire is thought to help with peace of mind and serenity. It was also once considered a favorite of priests, kings, and healers, probably in part because the stone was thought to promote good health, both by cooling fevers and even protecting against mental illness.

    Whether you believe the folklore or not, there’s no denying how covetable the beautifully blue sapphire is (and how awesome they look around our necks). We rounded up our favorite sapphire baubles at every price point, which also happen to make the perfect present for any Virgos and Libras in your life.

    Click through the gallery below to check out our picks.

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