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best dressed: shailene woodley

daisy buchanan wishes.

by steff yotka

We were really happy when The Great Gatsby came out this May because firstly we'll take anything with Leonardo DiCaprio and a Lana Del Rey soundtrack, but also '20s fashion is super cool. And with the waves of the movie's popularity the flapper vibe has come and gone, but we think it should stay around forever. 

Just look at Shailene Woodley's Calvin Klein dress for proof. If that doesn't make you want to throw out your '50s waitress dresses and jeans, and become Daisy Buchanan 2.0, we don't know what will. OK, maybe our three favorite flapper dresses will. So check 'em out and get dancing.

MUST: Asos Sequin Dress -- $99

TRUST: Asos Embellished Dress -- $272

LUST: Nicole Miller Beaded Shift Dress -- $550