take a bite out of this

good idea or bad idea: the sharkini?

by gwendolyn rosen

Earlier this week we discussed all the new potential for your tanlines with the bondage swimsuit. And now, we're  faced with another swimwear challenge: the sharkini.

If the only thing on your mind right now is that Shark Week starts a week from Sunday, then this Jaws-inspired swimsuit just might be the thing your closet has been needing.

The killer sharp teeth of a Great White serve as the cutout for this bathing suit, so that it looks like the shark is eating your tummy. Scary? Cool? We can't decide. But either way, the weird-shaped tanlines thing is definitely still an issue.

So tell us: are you willing to shell out $100 for the sharkini, or does something seem fishy here? Let us know know in the comments below! –GWENDOLYN ROSEN