walk a really thin line with the latest from maybelline.

by liza darwin

Nothing against the smoky eye or anything, but sometimes we just crave something a little different (plus, all it takes is one accidental raccoon-eye incident for things to go from sexy to way too smudgy really fast).

Link: get the easy smoky eye look with Eyeko's Fat Eye Stick.

The complete antidote to this comes in the form of Maybelline's new Master Precise Eyeliner, a thin liquid tube with a tip so sharp it looks a little dangerous at first. In reality, it's just a superthin 0.4mm brush (the same size as many ballpoint pins, to give you an idea) that doesn't dry out, doesn't smear, and lets you draw a perfect slight swoop in less than a minute.

We love the pen because it's our secret weapon to a faking millions of lashes as well as creating an easy dramatic cateye on just one try. And the best part is, you don't even have to play favorites between this one and your smoky eye staple.

Considering the Master Precise costs just $8, there's plenty of room for both in your beauty drawer for both.