she’s come undone

bedhead has never looked so pretty.

by liza darwin

Usually its a bad thing to look like you just woke up. But while sleepy, half-open eyes are rarely in fashion, designers like Proenza Schouler, Peter Som and Thakoon have been embracing a new kind of bedhead for summer- one that's tousled, matte, and undeniably cool.

Even though we may not have a team of hairstylists to recreate this runway look, Bumble and Bumble makes it easy for everyday. The bb Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme gives hair a slightly piecey, ruffled feel that's carefree without looking messy. 

The greatest part is that you don't even have to set your alarm any earlier to achieve the look. The creme just takes about 2 seconds to use on damp hair, meaning you can still pretend like you just rolled out of bed looking this gorgeous.

Because kind of, you did.

$26 here.