before you shop for someone else, maybe test out the merchandise yourself?

by faran krentcil

It's almost time to go holiday shopping - or if you're totally Type A, it's already time. But before you wade through the options for Mom, Step Mom, Dad, boyfriend, sister, and the best friend you wish were your sister, get it out of the way and buy something for yourself.

Yeah, we're being a little cavalier about it, but here's why:  There are some major beauty kits out there right now.  Kits that have hundreds of dollars of product inside, but they're selling for much less.  It's the beauty of the holiday season, when every perfume and lip gloss in town comes with a little something extra, and buying now accomplishes two goals:

1.  It stocks you up through the winter (because trust us, you only need one good base palette of eyeshadow until Spring...).

2.  It gets your buying jitters and gimmes out of the way, clearing your head for the actual work - sorry, we mean, "holiday cheer" - that lies ahead.

So check these out and don't feel guilty - the least expensive one has 100 eyeshadow colors and costs $10. Yes, we expect a thank-you note.

Lancome, $29.50 (normally $60)

Kiehl's, $28

NARS, $47, usually $57

Marc Jacobs, $70 (normally $70 just for the perfume)

Sephora, $47 (normaly $438)

Chanel, $51