our tried and true secrets to removing stubborn glitter nail polish.

by liza darwin

Pretty much everyone agrees that glitter nail polish is awesome. But here's another thing most people who've tried the look agree on: unless you're willing to spend 15 minutes over the sink scrubbing your fingers, the shimmery formula makes it almost impossible to remove.

After test-driving dozens of sparkly lacquers over the past few weeks, we've rounded up the proven best ways to take it all off. So next time you're ready to swap your shimmer for something else, try these tips below:

For Deborah Lippmann and POP Beauty products: Soak a cotton pad in remover and then press it hard into your nail (don't rub). After counting to 10, slide the pad off and the nail polish should come off as well.

For Milani, Dior, and Chanel products: These polishes are less sticky than some of the other brands, so they should come off easily with basic non-acetone remover.

For China Glaze: The good thing about China Glaze polishes is they last forever without chipping. The bad news is that this quality also makes them super tough to take off. Acetone remover works well if you need a quick fix (it's not good for your nails, so we don't recommend using it for most occasions!), but you can also try the soak-and-swipe effect for 30 seconds or so.

Sally Hansen nail strips: Okay, so these aren't real glitter. But if you want to get the look, minus the hassle of removing stubborn sparkles, these easy strips are the way to go. Plus, they last forever.

Did we forget anything? Let us know your tips in the comments!