shock awesome

you’ll laugh when you wear this t-shirt. In a good way.

by faran krentcil

NYLON is "the most awesome magazine in the world." So when our friend Stacey Bendet made "the most awesome t-shirt in the world," we had to know all about it.

Turns out, the tee - called "The Awesome Shirt" by Stacey - is available in all Alice + Olivia boutiques for $88.  Why so steep?  Because all proceeds go to the Children's Defense Fund, a charity who's mission is to support American kids living in poverty or with disabilities.

So buy the shirt.  It's tax-deductible, it's cute, and it's stamped with our favorite adjective.  Don't you need a little awesome in your life?

$88 at Alice + Olivia

See the work of the Children's Defense Fund