Shura “Touch”

get starry-eyed with dream pop’s new chanteuse.

by liza darwin

You know that feeling that comes when you discover new music? It's basically the best one ever. Regardless of how old you are or what you do--nothing beats that electric sense that happens when you press play, everything just clicks, and your ears suddenly become very, very happy.

That's exactly how we felt when Josh Madden from NYLON Guys told us about Shura. This London-based producer and singer might be a mystery for now, but she's officially blowing up the internet with her dreamy debut, "Touch." 

Weaving hip-hop beats and soaring synths around a lush pop backbone, the track is equal parts chill and danceable (think Blood Orange, Solange, and Sky Ferreira vibes). Bottom line? It doesn't matter whether you're getting dressed in the morning or looking for a midnight lullaby, because it's always a good time for "Touch." Meet Shura below! 

How did you first start playing music? 

I picked up a guitar when I was 13 because I was jealous of my Dad being able to play and wanted to jam out with him. He taught me three chords and that was that. I still have no idea what I'm playing most of the time, but I make it work. My Twin Brother is a pretty great singer and we used to write silly tunes together. Took me a while to catch up on the vocal skillz cause he's basically Mariah.

What's the story behind "Touch"? When you posted it, did you ever expect it to be as big as it became?

Absolutely not. Don't get me wrong-- I imagined some people would vibe it. But the last few weeks have been mental. I figured I'd written this track, that was special to me and that there would be some who got it. But I've been blown away by the positive response. There was this one chap--who suffers with Synesthesia--who hit me up to say "Touch" was the first track in ages to have a massive effect on it. Stuff like that is awesome. H

Which artists are making music right now who you admire?

It goes without saying that I hugely respect Blood Orange. I caught him live the other week and it was such a great show.  I'm also really into SOHN, his solo work and the stuff he's done with Kwabs, whose voice is just insane. I have a huge soft spot for the Odd Future gang too, so whenever Earl Sweatshirt or Tyler bring something out, I'm on it. I bought the FKA x Inc collaboration on vinyl about 7.5 seconds after it was announced. Oh and Frank Ocean. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your music video for "Touch"?

I had the idea for the video super early on--just a montage of "togetherness." I love when people kiss--what they do with their hands is kind of second nature--and wanted to capture that, the act of touching.

In your dream world, where is Shura in a year, career-wise?

A collaboration with Drake would pretty much make my life. So crossin' all my extremities for that one. To be honest, I really just want to continue putting out awesome tunes. Maybe a 12" single here and there, play some shows and write an incredible album. The kind my parents would play and I would dance to when I was a kid but I still listen to now. I love the idea that music is passed down through generations.  I'd like there to be a Shura album or five--music that people will listen to twenty years from release and say "Damn...she nailed it!"

Fill in the blank: the best place to listen to "Touch" is....

Apparently alone and on headphones, so that no one thinks your crazy for listening to it 10 times in a row. That being said,my New Year's Resolution for 2014 was to learn how to skateboard, and listening to music whilst skating is incredible. So yeah, if you can't ride shotgun and the bus is late, pop in your headphones and go skate.

Watch the new video for "Touch" below.