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maddie ziegler + sia are twins

On the Grammy red carpet

by daniel barna

Last week Vulture asked Sia to please show us her face. Her response? Oh, hell no. The "Chandelier" singer walked Sunday's Grammy red carpet wearing a giant, face-obscuring wig, and was accompanied by Maddie Ziegler, the 12 year old dancer and Sia's go-to proxy. Maddie was sporting a junior version of Sia's wig, and wore a black tuxedo to complement Sia's caped black jumpsuit.

The Aussie singer's desire to retain even the smallest shred of anonymity is a noble, but flawed one. She showed up mask-free at Saturday's pre-Grammy Gala, and as Vulture astutely pointed out, her constant hiding only makes us want to see her more. Sia is performing tonight and is up for numerous awards, so it will be interesting to see what approach she takes should she take the stage to accept an award. Hopefully her new friend Shia LaBeouf lent her his paper bag.