Sia Releases Nude Photos Before Anybody Else Can Make Money From Them

“Everyday is Christmas!”

by Sarah Beauchamp

Sia was not about to let some creep make money off of her naked body. The singer posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram after finding out some douchebag was trying to sell the images to her fans. "Save your money," she wrote. "Here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!"

She posted the watermarked image to her social media accounts. On Twitter, she shared a message from the guy trying to sell the images. "If you make the purchase it will be unblurred and you will receive [an] additional 14 images," he wrote. 

A lot of people are praising Sia for her decision to release the photographs before anyone else could. 

This is a great message to send: Naked bodies aren't that scandalous, and you should be in control of how yours is shown to the world. Let this be a lesson to all creeps everywhere.