beauty queen: sienna miller

rose gold ombre? yes please!

by rebecca willa davis

The biggest hair color trends of the past few years has been, hands down, pastel streaks and ombre color.

By now we're so accustomed to seeing either that it takes something really new--like, say, the sombre, the latest hair color treatment--to catch our eye. Or, in the case of Sienna Miller at yesterday's British Fashion Awards, a combination of the two.

Yes, Miller's hair now starts orange, then turns rose gold, and ends blonde. It sounds a bit cliche but just look at the photo of the actress and prepare to be wowed--seriously, it's the best we've seen her look in a while. We're calling it the pastel ombre, and if you want to try it we've got both temporary and permanent options. Because the only way to get ahead of the trends just might be to combine them.

TEMPORARY IT: Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk in Blush - $19

Use this spray on just the top third of your hair--it's up to you whether or not you want to leave the roots showing (we think it really makes the pink hue pop).

PERMANENT IT: Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset Classic Cream Formula - $13.95, Manic Panic Mixer/Pastelizer - $8.99

Grow out your roots and then dye the top with this orange creamsicle-esque color. Dilute it with Manic Panic's Pastelizer, leaving the tips your natural color if you're blonde.