cleopatra gets a makeover, courtesy of topshop.

by liza darwin

Back in September we watched in awe as Charlotte Free, Kelly Mittendorf and the rest of the Topshop Unique crew stomped down the London runway in Hieroglyphics-inspired graffiti tops, gold shorts, and beetle print accessories. It was one of the coolest odes to the gilded opulence of ancient Egypt we've ever seen, and the best part is, we don't even have to empty out our bank accounts to get the look.

Unfortunately we've still got a few months to wait until we can buy the clothes, but the brand-new Smoke & Mirrors makeup collection will tide us over until then. Featuring favorites ilke a velvety, non-clumping mascara, an ultra-smooth kohl eyeliner (made with kajal, the secret ingredient in Indian eye darkeners) and a blush-bronzer hybrid, these are the kind of staples we'd expect to find in a young Elizabeth Taylor's beauty drawer.

And is it really any coincidence, considering the actress once starred as the sultry Egyptian queen in the 1963 flick Cleopatra? Maybe, but we really can't think of a better match made in makeup heaven.

Buy it here.