the art of the nail, literally.

by ali hoffman

Whether studded, minx, or foil, we think it's more than appropriate to declare the manicure is having a moment. And we couldn't be happier about it.

For those who love polish as much as we do, you've probably seen (and bought) the latest craze in lacquer: nail polish pens. We've checked out the luxe (i.e. YSL's French Manicure Pens) and the affordable (i.e. Sally Hansen's Nail Art), but like Goldilocks, we're looking for something "just right."

Enter LAQA & Co., a new company dedicated to perfecting the nail polish pen...and, oh yeah, they're helping out emerging artists and designers in the process. The packaging of each color exhibits a different artist's work, giving an inspiring cultural boost to your manicure.

At just under $15 a pen, LAQA & Co. is not the most cost-effective varnish pen out there, but it's definitely the most creative.

About $15 here