slim fit n-3b by alpha industries

New look…same unrivaled warmth…

by Josh Madden

Though the saying may be "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," the question Alpha Industries raises is "What if you can make it look better?" The 55-year-old military clothing specialist did just that with its Slim Fit N-3B Parka[,] which is a more streamlined take on the best selling classic. This updated version boasts the same superior protection of its predecessor with a snugger fit and more color options.

We can personally testify that wearing this coat through the--polar vortex of 2014 thus far has made this Manhattan winter more than bearable. With its deep inset cuffs, a fur-trimmed hood, longer length, and updated fit, it's basically the best option we've come across yet. The only foreseeable problem is that now we're obsessing over the next colorway to buy. Get yours HERE before the next wave of snow hits!