has g-star made the skinniest jeans…ever?

by liza darwin

When Clemence Poesy hit Paris several months ago in G-Star's new Arc 3D Super Skinny jeans, she looked great (obviously). Not only is the actress the denim label's newest style ambassador, she's also a gorgeous isn't looking good kind of the point?

But after running around all day in the pants myself, I totally get it. They're comfortable, don't sag, and, thanks to special "3D" seams and inseams that curve around your calf, are extremely flattering- not in a highly stylized, supermodel kind of way, but in an effortless, "I just threw on these jeans and ran out the door" kind of way.

These uber-slim, motorcycle-inspired styles have just landed at G-Star stores and ditch the jeggings (and leggings, while we're at it) and take a spin in these instead.

Buy them here.