for 2013, we’re giving you your horoscope in fragrance form.

by rebecca willa davis

Some people make resolutions. Others start a cleanse. But on New Year's Day the first thing I did was check my horoscope. Yes, that's right: My name's Rebecca, and I'm horoscopic. Instead of fighting the urge to check up on my sign (Gemini!) and see what's in store for me in 2013 ("Your vision of life is panoramic"), I've decided to indulge it--and in the process, help out the other astrologically obsessed readers out there. What does that mean? First, I went through each and every sign, then I sorted through the latest fragrance releases, and finally—I paired them together. Yes, consider this your reading for the year, only instead of finding out what day is good for romance or when you should ask for that raise, I'm telling you what you should smell like this year. (There already is a fragrance brand, Strange Invisible, devoted to making horoscope-inspired scents, so consider this a looser interpretation.) Scroll through below, find your sign, then pick up your 2013 fragrance.

Aries: Burberry Body Purse Spray Trio

For an on-the-go sign like Aries, you need something that you can take anywhere. The touch of absinthe in this scent certainly plays well with the fiery sign.

Taurus: Yves Rocher FlowerParty by Night

For this cool, calm, and collected sign, this vanilla-almond blend (out later this month) is just provocative enough, thanks to a touch of licorice.

Gemini: Juicy Couture Couture La La

It takes a free-spirited, punk rock perfume to keep up with the Twins. This one, with its mix of mandarin, green apple, red currant, lily of the valley, and orange blossom, is it.

Cancer: Balenciaga Florabotanica

The most enigmatic sign gets the most surprising scent--yes, its main scent is rose but it's so not your typical, girly floral.

Leo:Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles

Leos are ruled by their heart—and nothing's deeper than this new fragrance, which features amber, vanilla, and patchouli.

Virgo: Gucci Gucci Premiere

Glamour is as glamour does; hello, the heart note here is leather and fur.

Libra: Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile Sublime

The perfect fragrance for happy-go-lucky types who are secretly dreamers? This strong-but-feminine blend of ylang-ylang, cedar, and iris.

Scorpio: Noir by Tom Ford

Not just anyone can pull of a men's fragrance--but then, scorpios aren't just anyone.

Sagittarius: Prada Infusion d'Iris Absolue

You see the sunny side of things so often that your perfume bottle is golden, too.

Capricorn: Rihanna Nude by Rihanna

Ambitious without being covert about it describes both Capricorns and this sweet floral-fruity fragrance. (Related: Don't google search Rihanna Nude.)

Aquarius: Narcisco Rodriguez For Her

Mysterious, unusual trendsetters need a not-so-normal scent. This one, with a strong musk scent (accented with vanilla and amber) is a no-brainer.

Pisces: Diesel Loverdose

We like this fragrance for fantasy-land Pisces because secret molecules in the spicy, floral scent supposedly stimulate the hypothalamus (ie the part of the brain that controls attraction), and who doesn't dream about their own Love Potion?