do you want your body cream to smell like tobacco?

by ali hoffman

The first thing we do when returning home from hours spent at a smokey bar: Jump in the shower.

After all, who wants to smell like booze and cigarettes?

That was our first thought when discovering Portland General Store's range of products, which includes everything from tobacco bath scrub to whiskey-scented aftershave. But then we tested them out and, to our surprise, we're totally into it. Aside from the company's firm belief in affordable, handmade, and all-natural goods, the stuff resembles antique pharmacy bottles, smells slightly seductive, and exudes that extra dose of warmth we'll need in the coming winter months.

Our favorite picks: Old-Fashioned Body Creme in "Wood"  & Wet Shave Gelly in "Tobacco"

P.S. You still should take a shower after a long night.

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