because crazy cameras make for crazier pics…

by ali hoffman

It started with a cat camera.

Designed by a sculptor, Necono Digital Cat Camera had us at "Meow." With a hidden lens for an eye and a microphone concealed somewhere amongst its whiskers,  the kitty-cam shoots both stills and video, and kind of resembles Garfield.

And so the obsession took flight, and before we knew it we were scouring the internet for the wackiest, most awesomely weird cameras we could find.

If you're looking for a camera to kick start your career as a professional photographer, this ain't the round-up for you.  But, for those who believe the fun is just as much in the process as the outcome, then step right up and check out our favorite snap-happy finds.

Superheadz Black Slim Devil ($29.95)

Holga Tim Camera in Violet ($49.99)

The Double Shot Camera ($45)

The Biscuit Camera ($40)

Lego Pink Digital Camera ($59.39)

Disderi 3 Lens Robot Camera

The Juice Box Camera ($25)

Necono Digital Cat Camera ($180)